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ATP Connector 6 way

ATP Connector 6 way

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The standard in aftermarket universal application connectors is Deutsch DTP or Amphenol ATP. They are completely interchangeable, and our kits use a mix only authentic products of both lines to offer the best combinations.
ATP series are rated for a 100 mating cycles, where as common OEM type connectors are only rated for up to 10. They are IP68 water proof and dust proof rated when mated, -55 to 125C (-67 to 257F) temperature handling and safe well past 300V of die electric strength.

ATP connectors use a Size 20 contact. Depending on what crimper you have, select either stamped (for open barrel F type crimpers) or solid (for closed 4 indent crimps). 
Size 12 contacts are sized for 14-10 AWG wire.

They are rated for 25 amps continuous for each contact. These are ideal for larger current loads, such as fans or fuel pumps. For smaller current loads please see AT or ATP connector options.

Select from grey or black colours, terminal type and if you want a heat shrink lip option which is great for additional sealing and strain relief requiring installations.

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