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Air Temp Sensor Kit

Air Temp Sensor Kit

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Need to data-log or add an air temperature input to an ECU? Look no further then our Air temp sensor kits. These sensors are compact, allowing them to fit in the most ideal locations for measurement even if there's little space. They are also M12 thread and seal via a copper crush washer, no NPT threads to mess about with. The connector is easy to remove and has a boot lip for sealing with heat shrink or a rubber boot, which can be purchased from our website.

Our kits come with a genuine Bosch or Hella sensor, connector with terminals, a crush washer, pull up resistors, and your choice of weld on bung in either Aluminum or Steel. If you just need a replacement sensor you can opt for no bung as well.

We offer a Bosch sensor that is closed tip, or a fast acting Hella sensor with an open tip. For calibration information please check out Resources page.

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