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RadLok Connector Kit

RadLok Connector Kit

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RadLok by Amphenol is a series of quick disconnect, high current connectors. We have used these on a variety of race and street cars to pass the main power through the firewall to feed the engine starter. They also make for a convenient junction point on the back using the M8 stud.

These kits are complete for both power and ground to an engine. The bulkhead and red connector are ideal for feeding the starter, and the black connector and ground stud are for the main engine ground. Also included are mounting hardware for the bulkhead fitting and a weld on nut insert for the ground pin. To ensure proper grounding there needs to be a good clean, paint free connection to the chassis or main ground point. These quick disconnect fittings have the added bonus of not vibrating loose like a bolt and nut often can.

The 2 AWG kit uses an 8mm pin and is rated for 200 Amps continuous
The 4 AWG kit uses a 5.75mm pin and is rated for 120 Amps continuous 

Each kit comes with a red bulkhead adapter with M4 mounting hardware and M8 nylon nut, a red crimp terminal, black crimp terminal, weld on threaded insert, lock washer and ground stud.

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