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Flex Fuel Sensor Kit

Flex Fuel Sensor Kit

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We love Ethanol! One of the best features is having a flex tune, no need to drain the tank, fill a 2nd one or stress about where to get fuel. To use this feature you need a flex fuel sensor to tell your ECU what ethanol content % is in the tank. We strongly recommend a flex fuel sensor for any vehicle intending to use pump ethanol blends, as they are not always a consistent % between fill ups.
We sell genuine GM/Continental sensors that are the standard in OEM and aftermarket automotive sensors. This will work with any aftermarket ECU capable of flex fuel strategies.

All kits come with a connector, terminals, seals the sensor and a mounting bracket. Note the brackets are pre-installed, if you need a kit without a bracket please contact us.

You can also opt for -6 AN adapters as part of a kit.

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