Injector Identifier Resource page

A fuel injector is one of the most important and precisely built parts on a modern combustion engine. Injection technology has improved over the years and with each change there is usually a connector style change that accompanies it. 
Make sure you have good accurate injector data to enter into you ECU, this is usually provided by the manufacturer and if they are unable to provide that info, don't buy them.

EV1 Injector

EV1 injector - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0218

Also called a Bosch injector, Jetronic injector. 
This is often used on older styles of injectors, the bodies are metal and a larger diameter. There are a few more modern injectors that use these, notably GM LS1 and Siemens-Deka injectors



EV6 Injector - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0267

There are many variants of the EV6 and many are even cross compatible with EV14 injectors as they use the same connectors. EV6 was a massive change in injector design, smaller plastic bodies, better spray patterns, more ethanol tolerance. The image above is the most generic type, see below EV14 for some variants specific to different engines.



EV14 - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0734

This is latest and greatest class of port injector, as pretty much all OEM's are now using Direct Injection. Very similar looking to many EV6 injectors, plastic skinny bodies, 3 standard lengths and improved spray patterns etc. This is also the most common connector type for universal aftermarket injectors, including Injector Dynamics, Deatschwerks, and Fuel Injector Clinic and more.



Toyota EV6 - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0537

Very common to the 90's and early 2000's Toyota's including JZ, Beams S and UZ platforms. 



Toyota EV6 - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0549

Cross compatible with the connector above but with an added grip to make removal easier. These are typical to OEM applications and can come in brown and blue as well.


Nissan EV6 - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0551

One can typically find these on Nissan engines, SR, RB and others in that 90's era. Usually on the later versions of said engine, as the earlier ones were probably using an EV1 type injector. Many Nissan side feeds use these.

GM LS EV6/14 - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0261

This is another version of the typical EV6 connector, these are found on GM L series truck engines and LS3's. Have an extra grey tab that locks the connector in place and once unlocked makes removal easier. There is another lighter grey connector that is similar and found on many aftermarket LSx components.

GM Multitech - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0262

These are specific only the the "Multitech" injectors found on certain variants of GM engines. They are not cross compatible with EV6/14 types.

K series injectors

Honda K series

Honda uses 2 variants of injectors on the K20/24 engines. The black and blue on the left is often called an "Acura RDX" injector and is a swap in upgrade for some K series engines. The middle grey and white one is a typical K series injector and can even be found on some Toyota's.
(disregard the ignition coil connector on the right)


Wiring - Injectors are not polarity sensitive. One side is 12V and the other is a ground path, which is controlled by the ECU. Either pin can be 12V or the ECU trigger, best practice to make them the same.