Ignition Coil Identifier Resource page

To help you choose or identify what Ignition coils your vehicle has see before selecting a connector kit or ignition kit, see below

JZ ignition coil

JZ OEM Ignition coils - Floor It PN: C-002SF-0745

Found on many Toyota ignition systems over the years, but most notably on the JZ variants. The earlier non-VVTi use 6 individual coils in waste spark and the later VVTi engines use 3 in waste spark. They sit in a very hot place in between the valve covers and under a beauty cover, its very common for them to crumble in your fingers trying to remove them even carefully.

R35 Ignition coil

R35 Ignition coil - Floor It Garage PN C-003SF-0587

Most notably found on the R35 Nissan GTR, these are the best OEM coil on the market right now and have been adapted to many different applications. They have a removable stalk, allowing them to change mounting length easily. This connector will also find use on most newer Nissans, including RB25 NEO and S15 SR20's.

Nissan SR RB ignition coil

Nissan SR/RB Ignition coils - Floor It PN: C-003SF-0568

These look very similar to the R35 coil connector, but the tabs on the outsides are ever so slightly different. Colour is a good indicator, but if you don't have a connector to compare to this will require careful visual identification.
These are the stock Nissan ignition coils found on SR's and RB's, including aftermarket direct fit coils like Splitfire's.

K series Ignition coils - Floor It PN: C-003SF-0584

Found on pretty much all variants of Honda's K20 and K24's, these coils are actually pretty decent out of the box. They are a bit tall for swapping onto some engines.

VW R8 connector ignition coil

VW R8 Ignition coils - Floor It PN: C-004SF-0230

This type of coil is amount our favorites. Cheap, easy to get basically around the world, comes in 2 lengths and colours and can support 150 hp a cylinder* (in the right applications). We sell Bosch brand versions, but Denso is also a good alternative. We strongly recommend staying away from knock off versions as we have witnessed coil failures destroy an engine.
If you're looking to upgrade your SR, JZ or RB and have modest power goals then this is your coil. We think they look cool too. 
There are 3 variants of this connector known to us at the moment, all 3 fit the same but use different terminals and seals. The PN shown above is for JPT terminals and these are the easiest to work with and crimp.

Izz yaris ignition coil connector

Yaris 1ZZ coils - Floor It PN: C-004SF-0774

A favourite of budget builders for JZ or RB's, this coil comes in a few different variants and the visual difference is what angle the connector sits at. Not the most powerful coil and not as reliable as other options, but still an improvement from the factory JZ ignition system.


GM LS gen 3 ignition coil connector

GM LSx Gen 3 - Floor It PN: C-004SF-0285

These can be found on earlier Gen 3 versions of LS motors (LS1, LS6) and the iron block versions. Also called D585 coils, these are bigger rounder compared to the newer ones and have a heat sink on the connector side.

GM LSx Gen 4 - Floor It PN: C-004SF-0286

These are found on newer versions of LS motors (LS3, LS7) and even the latest LT Direct Injection V8's. A better looking coil, slightly smaller and using a smaller connector. These are a well proven coil and are also easy to get around the world.

IGN-1A - Floor It PN C-005SF-0290

This coil was original designed for a marine application and is one of the most powerful coils before a CDI type ignition system. They are big, 5 pin, have special wiring requirements and a hefty amp draw. Note these connectors are pull to seat.