Connector Identification

Connector identification can be tricky. There are many similar looking variants of the same connector and while they look "the same" there are features that ensure one can't accidently swap 2 sensors during vehicle assembly. They have many names but I call these "keys"

Take this Bosch EV1 type injector connector. It has little tabs that align it with the male side, notably the one on the top middle. There are variants that are 90% the same except that tab will be a mm or two to the left or right.
Visual identification is often the most sure fire way to determine if a connector is the correct, besides having it in hand of course. If the connector isn't an exact match in every way, there's a good chance it won't fit.

For example these 2 pin connectors that are often found in 90's Nissans can come in a variety of colours and each colour has its own key variants. 
This connector I describe as having a "key" at 2 o clock and 8 o clock, using the front (or mating side) of the connector like a clock face.
Also of note is the injector body relief at the bottom of these connectors. This tells us this is an injector connector, though there are knock sensors that also require this relief.



If you need help finding a connector for you vehicle we can help! We have many connectors in stock that aren't even on the website yet, and we're always getting more in.

Please email and provide as much information as you can, year, make, model, component, vehicle options etc can all help narrow down the search quickly. If there is numbers written or stamped into the connector those are very helpful as well. They can be small and very hard to see sometimes.
Pictures are even better, even the mating side connector helps identify the one you need. Please take photos in a similar fashion to the ones below;

a straight on photo;

a 3/4 from the back

and a 3/4 from the front.