Josh 1JZ VVTi Altezza

Josh 1JZ VVTi Altezza

The swap everyone with an IS/Altezza wants to do! 

I love doing this toyota's with the ECU in the engine bay as they are just so quick and simple.

Using a 3D printed bracket for the PCB header that accepts the stock ECU connectors. 2 of which are required for all the ECU to chassis connections, like fuel pump trigger, tach output etc.

Handling the MPX stuff that this era Toyota is plagued with is an All4Swap U707 box. It allows for the alt light and A/C request and anything else that's handled by the BEAN network.

Everything fits nicely inside the ECU box. Aside from the Link PNP's the ECUmaster line is the only ECU's that are small enough to fit in this way.

Josh opted for all the sensors and protection they offer. It has oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure and even flex fuel. He plans to later add the ECUmaster bluetooth adapter so he can see all the ECU data on his phone.

While we were at it we did a VW coil on plug ignition upgrade. I always make the ignition a separate sub-harness on these inline 6 engines, especially since he wanted to keep the stock 1JZ VVTi valley cover. The OEM wiring just cooks under these conditions, and factory they are all part of the engine harness. The materials used are high temp rated, but with time and heat cycling everything fails eventually, sub-harnesses are easier to replace.

Because of the desire to keep valley cover I did what I call the "oem fitment" coil harness lengths. They are prettier with no cover and all facing the same way but to get the cover to fit and keep all the PCV hoses intact this is how they fit.

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