Gaston S13 LS3

Gaston S13 LS3

Gaston's S13 came to me in a very rough state. Had been through many different hands, many different wiring harnesses over time were added, modified, added, removed, added, track side fixes, you name it. Every no-no in the book was committed on this car, I am amazed he didn't have any major issues, fires, or unsolved gremlins before it came to us.

This is 81 pounds of junk I removed. I even found a few other things after this so the real number is probably 90 something. I never did weigh the new harness but it was probably 20 or so pounds in total.

The usual mock-up method was employed, once everything was out of the way.
Gaston wanted to retain the heater core, power windows, wipers, and power mirrors as well as all the usual race car functions. He puts easily 100 days a year at the track, so this car runs through all the weather Vancouver can throw at it. The car also got some fabrication work in the front and a respray of the interior while it was down for the off season.

Most of the ECUMaster catalogue was used, including a Black, ADU7, PMU16, 12 button keypad, USB2CAN, Lambda2CAN, and a battery isolator. I am a big fan of their product line, especially the stuff beyond their ecu's.


Lot's of cool functionality in this car via the PMU and ADU programming. The car has an accumulator that is ECU controlled. It has a delayed start to allow the accumulator to pre-oil the engine. 
Wipers have 3 speeds, can add as many as 8.
It has LED work lighting run in the engine bay, rear subframe and under the dash/interior. This makes working on the car in the dark much easier which can be the make or break of a 5 minute timeout rule. The interior and exterior are also separated so that you can turn on the exterior without blinding the driver, losing his night vision.
There is expansion connectors in multiple places ready for any future needs for extra data acquisition. 
He also has 2 fog lights aimed 45* out to aid visibility in when at angle, which are controlled by the same button on the keypad as the rest of the lighting, but by a 2nd click.

I am probably forgetting stuff, there is a video I will try and post with permission from when this car was first completed.

This was also the car I first tried my bulkhead mount plate idea. Fits in the stock S13 engine harness grommet hole and has room on both sides to fit a 90 heat shrink boot and connector. I made the prototype by hand on a lathe, wasn't able to get the threads right so it uses the lock ring that cam with the connector. The production version replaces the lock ring.

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