Gaelen R34 RB25

Gaelen R34 RB25

Gaelen's R34 GTT with a built RB25DET, competition drift car.

This build was down to the wire to get everything done in time before the Spec D shootout at mission. If I recall the transmission was on the floor the night before the dyno, (then again twice at the track) and the harness couldn't be fully installed until the cage was finish welded and painted, which was after the dyno. Surprised us all when it came off at around 550whp on E85.

Gaelen had wired it himself years before with some buddies and I'm guessing beer was involved. Thankfully he allowed me to think outside the box and since we are both data nerds we incorporated sensors like shock pots on each corner and speed sensors etc. He is a big suspension guy and that data is critical to furthering a setup.

He has plans to swap the RB out for something more modern but still Nissan, so some futureproofing was done to ensure this harness would suit both setups.

It utilizes a PMU 16, 12 button keypad, and an ADU7 set up for that all important data logging.

This car got a front and rear bulkhead connector since it has a firewall in the rear separating the drivers compartment from the fuel system. Its running a big ole fuel cell with a 044 lift pump and 2 AEM 340's in a surge tank, ensuring a ridiculous amount of E85 to feed whatever's under the hood. Its also wired for a battery isolator should the rule book ever change to specify one. The PMU meets the rule as it was stated at the time of the build.

For the front we included headlights, wiper, radiator fans and sensors.
There is also LED's in the enginebay/front wheel wells, the rear wheel wells, the trunk and interior. Especially with this car being black inside and out it made it easier to work on in the dark. The LED's shining off the Steel-It in in the interior was also a nice look, but alas we didn't have time to get nice photos.

We also incorporated a radio communications system for his spotter. At Gaelen's request we also put USB chargers for his GoPro's in a few spots, as you can remote control them to record but powering them off in between sessions involves climbing around the cage.

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