Hello and Welcome to the grand (re)opening of Floor-It Garage!

My name is Tyson, let me tell you a bit of the history of this business;

My dad is a Red Seal ticked automotive tech (now Firefighter), and while you would think I learned everything I now know from him, well I didn't. He's a great mechanic but not very savvy with wiring or really anything electrical on a car. Growing up I tried to "help" in the garage by holding the flashlight wrong or grabbing a 13mm instead of a 12mm wrench. When I was a teenager I discovered that wiring and electrical stuff wasn't that bad, my dad began to ask me to figure out stuff he was stuck on or confused with. From there I just kept on going and learning, I was big into music so car audio was a natural path forward. I was installing car stereo's in my high school parking lot for pizza haha.

After not really being sure what I wanted to do after high school for a few years I got a job at the now deceased retail chain Futureshop. Usually this is not the high end of 12V installations but the guys there were big names in the late 90's in the car audio scene and taught me a lot. At this time I dabbled in my first engine swap, I put a KLDE V6 into my 2002 Protege and learned a lot about EFI systems. Around this time the car audio industry was at a low point, I quit to start a construction electrician apprenticeship and Futureshop closed its doors nationwide a little over a year later.

Somewhere in the middle of all that me and my buddies were pretty regularly hanging out in my parent's garage, as my dad had all the tools to work on cars. Drift teams were all the rage and we had an s13, R32 and FC RX7, we just needed a cool team name. My buddy Alex came up with "Floor-It Garage" as a play on my last name Floris and the fact we were always at the Floris' garage (he's great with puns, ask about the great Clampage of 2015), so I made an instagram account and a cheesy logo and voila.

I was still the "wiring guy" for all my buddies and their cars, but I began to grow frustrated with how I was doing things. The car that really broke me was my buddy Edwin's S14 which he swapped in an RB25DET from a crashed R34 GTST. Being a RHD harness in a LHD car it was super long and ugly, I spent a lot of time modifying and fixing this old harness just to end up with a not much better looking or reliable end product. So I began researching wire types, where to buy connectors and everything I need to build a quality harness from scratch.

I built a few motorsport grade harnesses for friends and then started doing work for local nearby shops, notably SCG Performance. I slowly started gathering parts and filing business related paperwork but not really sure where it was going. My construction electrician had gone well for the last 8 years but between the company I was working for and the specific job site I was foreman of, it was really killing my mental health.

Spring of 2021 I left construction to partner with Neil at SCG Performance and attempt to do motorsports wiring full time. We accomplished much in the next 2 years but in the end we felt like we could work together better as separate entities, which brings us to now. 2020 marked the official birth of Floor It, slept for a few years and 2023 I am coming out swinging. I have a number of cool projects and products lined up for the year and am always looking forward to the next interesting/exciting thing!

While the catalogue on here will be a bit light to start, the more time goes on the more and more products will be added. I literally have 1000's of items that I use to make a complete harness for many different makes and models. I can do complete custom stuff, or provide parts and materials to help you make your own. The products I offer are from the last few years of figuring out what pieces I use with what and packing them in a convenient way that results in time savings, making the most of your time in the garage or shop.

Stay tuned and come back often! 

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