Link Razor PDM Decoder

Link Razor PDM Decoder

Lately, I have been playing around with the Link Razor PDM's. I used 4 of them on a Prospec drift car that I'll discuss more when the dust settles. 

Now I actually really like Link Ecu's, however the Razor does not feel as refined and solid as their engine control platform. There's some software changes that I feel need to be addressed, and one of them is how the PDM's output status and fault status are logged via the ECU. 

There is a template in the ECU help file and PDM manual to log all statuses, % DC, Frequency and voltage via CAN if you wanted to log a specific channel but the ECU has a CAN mode that does most of that and control the PDM outputs. Once that is setup then you can log the output and fault statuses of each PDM (up to 4).  At the moment, the way its logged in the ECU is a decimal number. 

I reached out to Link and confirmed that the status value is a decimal number converted from binary where each binary digit represents an output's state. So with that in mind and some real world testing with a Razor I created a spreadsheet that helps me decode what output is active.

Save a copy and change the output/input names to your own PDM's setup.

I now have a tab with this open every time I'm reviewing logs for a Razor PDM equipped car.

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